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My Services

Individual Therapy



I provide therapy services to adolescents (13 years and older) and individual adults.

I have special interest in working with those individuals working through bariatric weight-loss surgery....both pre- and post-op.

I  have life experience with law enforcement individuals, both officers and their family members.


Therapy consists of consultation in a private office setting.  My therapy style is primarily based on models of change, with emphases that vary depending on the nature of the issues being treated. Modalities used could include CBT, ACT, Stengths’ Based Therapy, Solution Focused, Directive, and Narrative Therapies.

I approach therapy in a very strong Client Centered Therapeutic approach. This means that the client is central in deciding the direction of the therapy. It is your journey, I just help read the GPS to assist you in finding a new path to travel. My work with clients is centered on empathy, listening, openness and caring.

Please know that it can take several appointments in order to determine the best course of treatment; during these sessions we will also set treatment goals. The course of treatment and goals may and can change during our time together. This is ultimately decided through active participation by us both.

I appreciate humor and the healing it can promote! I feel that  transparent therapeutic relationship includes laughter and open communication.

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